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General Rules for Lot Owners Renting Lots

During any rental period, lot owners are required to post a copy of the "General Rules for Renters” on their shed.  If the lot does not have a shed, lot owners are required to provide the renter with a copy of this document with the instructions for the renter to keep the document in their possession during the rental period.
Lot owners must show renters or tell them the location of the posted general rules for renters.
Lot owners have the responsibility to ensure that the renter’s campers meet the Park’s RV requirements for renting before renting their lot.  The park guideline is as follows:
Tents, pop-up trailers, pickup truck campers, any type of tent folding trailers, home built trailers/motorhomes, or tear drop trailers are not allowed in the Park at all.  Any campers that are vans or conversion vans that do not have built in holding tanks, built in kitchens, an enclosed built in bathroom, at least one slide out, and standing headroom throughout the unit except for the driver and front passenger area are also not allowed in the park by renters.
Lot owners have the responsibility to ensure that the renter meets the pet requirements for the number of dogs (no more than two) and only house pets are allowed in the Park.
Lot owners are required to keep on record the following information on whoever rents their lots:

  1. Name, address, and phone number of the renter.
  2. Type of RV along with make, length, year and tag number.
  3. Number of adults in the RV.
  4. Number of children and ages of children.
  5. Number of pets and what type of pets (Pit bulls are not permitted in the park).
  6. Duration of stay in the park.
  7. Lot number to be rented.
  8. Names and addresses of any additional overnight guest.

The above information must be kept on record by the lot owner during the rental season.  A copy of this information may be requested by the Board of Directors.
Lot owners are encouraged to inform renters that our park is a deeded RV Park and not a campground and therefore guest must adhere to a more stringent set of rules during their rental period.  In addition our RV Park is not suited for small children.
Lot owners who rent their lots are encouraged to purchase “renters insurance” to protect themselves and their investments.
Lot owners are totally responsible for any damages that may occur to the park’s common property, facilities, or other park owners’ property as the result of the renters.
The Board of Director’s have the right to revoke reservations or terminate rental agreements for any violations of the Park’s “General Rules for Renters”, or RV's not meeting required maintenance standards covered in the Park covenants.
Revised by the BOD 05/26/2012

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