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The rules and Regulations documents can be read in it's entirety below, or you can download the document in the form of a pdf by clicking on this link: Rules & Regulations

Choestoe Falls RV Park, Inc.

Current Rules and Regulations

As Provided For Under Article II Section 7 of the

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions


As Adopted by the Board of Directors OR Approved by a 2/3 Vote of Association Members

Revised June 11, 2015 by Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions Amendment 3

Revision Date: April 13 ,2018

Table of Contents

Section I – Board Adoptions - 4 -

Board Meetings - 4 -

Canopies - 4 -

Children in Pavilion - 4 -

Children in Restrooms & Laundry - 4 -

Dog Limitation – 4 -

Dogs in Pavilion - 4 -

Dumpster - 4 -

For Sale and/or For Rent By Owners Bulletin Board - 5 -

Geese Control - 5 -

Lake Dock - 5 -

Lake Fishing - 5 -

Laundry Room Availability - 5 -

Owner Access of Covenants and Current Rules & Regulations - 5 -

Owner Issues or Complaints - 6 -

Park Committees - 6 -

Park Speed Limit - 6 -

Pet Containment - 6 -

Rental of Lots & RVs for Residential Purposes - 6 -

Rental of Owner Lots - 6 -

RV Limit on Individual Lots Hardship Deviation Advance Approval Required - 6 -

RV Skirting - 7 -

Signs in Common Areas - 7 -

Smoking in Pavilion Areas - 7 -

Suggestions to the Board or Committees - 7 -

Tree Limbs and Trimmings - 7 -

Water & Sewer Pipes - 7 -

Water Conservation - 7 -

Weed Control -8 -

Section II – Owner Adoptions - 8 -

Annual Homeowners Meeting - 8 -

Construction -8 -

Dog Leashing and Clean Up -8 -

Donations to Pavilion & Park Utility Shed - 8 -

Exterior Shed Colors - 9 -

Fines for Covenant & Rule Violations - 9 -

Fishing from Pavilion - 9 -

For Sale/Rent Signs - 9 -

Lake Lot Landings - 9 -

Notification to the Board of Covenant & Rule Violations - 9 -

Pavilion Firewood - 9 -

Pools & Hot Tubs - 9 -

Private Use of Pavilion - 9 -

Restroom & Laundry Room Doors - 9 -

Rules for Renters - 9 -

Satellite Dish Placement - 10 -

Screen Rooms Attached to Awnings - 10 -

Street and Lot Lights - 10 -

Unsecured Personal Property - 10 -

Waterfall Property - 10 -

Section III – Architectural Guidelines - 10 -

General - 10 -

Rules Governing Lot Improvement Projects - 10 -

Procedure for Processing Proposed Lot Improvement Form - 11 -

Decks - 11 -

Driveways & RV Pads - 12 -

Fencing - 12 -

Sheds, Gazebos, Picnic Shelters or Screened Rooms - 13 -

Improvements Not in Compliance With Covenants - 14 -

Variances - 14 -




Choestoe Falls RV Park, Inc.

Current Rules and Regulations

As Provided For Under Article II Section 7 of the

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

As Adopted by the Board of Directors OR Approved by a 2/3 Vote of Association Members

Page 4

Section I – Board Adoptions

Board Meetings – Board meetings are open to the members of the Homeowners Association; however, if an owner wishes to be recognized in order to bring an issue before the Board, the owner must advise a member of the Board 24 hours before the scheduled meeting. This requirement is made in the interest of time and keeping meetings on track. 061304.

Canopies - Shade canopies (typically a structure made of industrial grade fabric held in place with a heavy duty steel or aluminum tube-type frame) are not allowed in the Park. However, screen rooms or removable screen room systems attached to the awning of the RV are allowed when applied in accordance with Amendment to Restrictions dated August 22, 2001. 072807.

Children in Pavilion – Parents or Guardians are responsible for their children’s behavior and supervision of children under 12 years old while in the pavilion. 070603. 080203.

Children in Restrooms & Laundry - Children under the age of 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian while in the restrooms or laundry room. 082805.

Domestic Pet Limitation - Due to the small size of lots and close proximity to neighbors, owners are limited to having three (3) pets per occupied lot. Owners presently with more than two pets are grandfathered in. 070205. Repealed by the Board of Directors 07022013.

Dogs in Pavilion – Dogs are not allowed in the pavilion. 092306.

Dumpster – All boxes must be broken down. Dumpster is for household trash only. Construction material, tree/grass trimmings, appliances (including televisions, grills, air conditioners, etc.), furniture (including chairs, tables, mattresses, etc.), hazardous materials (including paint cans, oil, fuel, batteries, insecticides, etc.) may not be placed in the dumpster. Items of any type may not be left beside or outside the Park’s dumpster. 081801  102106.

Page 5


For Sale and/or For Rent By Owners Bulletin Board – Owner’s ads for lots or RV’s should be no larger than 3” by 5” card. Ads are for lot owners only and it is up to the individual owner to keep ads current, clean and accurate and is to be removed upon sale of property. 082001. Ads or notices must be dated when placed on the board. Notices older than 90 days will be removed unless the notice is updated with a new date of posting. 082805. Owners of multiple lots may post one 3” by 5” ad for each lot for sale or for rent. Use of the bulletin board is limited to Choestoe Falls RV Park lots, RVs physically located on lots within Choestoe Falls RV Park, and RV related items located within Choestoe Falls RV Park. Lots, RVs, or RV related items for sale or rent in locations other than Choestoe Falls shall not be posted on bulletin board. 060107 100314.

Update regarding lots or RV Sales Only:  Owners wishing to post their lot and/or RV for sale, send the following information to mikew6364@ gmail.com


Lot Street Address, Listing price & if you are negotiable and/or willing to finance,

Description of your lot and/or RV to be placed on your ad and Contact name, phone #’s and email address.  Your ad will be placed on both the pavilion bulletin board and our website.

The procedure to rent your lot remains the same.  111115

Geese Control - According to lake experts, geese fecal matter (which contains E.coli) is a major factor in determining the health of the lake. Lot owners shall not feed geese or engage in any other activity that would encourage geese to stay in the lake. Any violation of this rule will result in an immediate fine of $100 and additional fines imposed in accordance with Fines for Covenant & Rule Violations. 082507.

Lake Dock – No one allowed on the dock in the lake without authorization from the Board of Directors. It is a maintenance dock for the lake overflow. 060703.

Lake Fishing – The Park’s lake is a private lake and intended for the enjoyment of lot owners and their guests. A license is not required to fish in the lake. Lot owners and guests may keep catfish (12” and over), bass (14” and over), and bream (any size). Carp will not be kept and will be released when caught. 052408.

Laundry Room Availability – The laundry room is closed to owners and renters during all Park-wide social functions. 092306.

Owner Access of Covenants and Current Rules & Regulations - The Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining and providing access to the Park's Covenants and Current Rules & Regulations via the HOA website: http://www.choestoefallsrvpark.com.  All lot owners are responsible for routinely checking the website to ensure they have current information regarding the Covenants and Current Rules & Regulations. Lot owners who require a hard copy of subject documents are responsible for obtaining the copies, as required, via the HOA website. Lot owners who do not have Internet access are responsible for going to the Union County Courthouse and/or their local library to ensure they have access to current information. 100314.

Page 6

Owner Issues or Complaints – Non-emergency issues or complaints must be put in writing to the Board of Directors or appropriate Committee, signed including lot number and placed in the Board/Committee mailbox in the pavilion. It will be reviewed and discussed at the next Board or Committee meeting. Verbal issues or complaints will not be acknowledged. The Board or Committee will respond in writing with results of discussion. 102603.

Park Committees – Park committees have no authority to act or authorize expenditures without the approval of the Board. 070603. 102603.

Park Speed Limit – 15 mph (Formerly 10 mph. 102603). 082810.

Pet Containment - Wire and/or chain link fences or cages are not allowed in the park for containment of pets. 102603.

Rental of Lots & RVs for Residential Purposes - Lot owners may not rent their lots or rent RVs located on their lots for residential purposes. In accordance with the Park’s Covenants, lots shall be recreational vehicle lots and shall be used for no purpose other than recreational vehicle (camping) purposes. However, in accordance with the Covenants, (lot owners only) may use their lots and RVs as a residence, either temporarily or permanently. Any long term rental agreement shall involve renters who have a permanent address outside of Choestoe Falls RV Park. Lot owners with long term rental agreements shall be responsible for ensuring that renters are using the lots for recreational purposes only and are therefore maintaining a permanent residence outside of Choestoe Falls RV Park. 100706. 102106.


Rental of Owner Lots – Lot owners are responsible for all actions of his renters and will be fined accordingly for any violation of the Park’s Rules & Regulations by his renters. During any rental period, the lot owner is required to post the General Rules for Renters on his shed. If the lot does not have a shed, the lot owner is required to provide the renter with a copy of the General Rules for Renters with the instructions for the renter to keep the document in his possession during the rental period. Owner must also provide the Board with the Renters information by filling out and submitting the “Notice of Intent to Rent Lot” form found on our Website @ www.choestoefallsrvpark.com041802. 082706. 102007. 100314.

RV Limit on Individual Lots Hardship Deviation Advance Approval Required – The covenants prohibit more than one RV on an individual lot. A courtesy limit of 48 hours has been established to prevent hardships on owners during the transfer of belongings upon the sale and new purchase of an RV by an owner OR in preparation for a trip should an owner own more than one RV. A request should be made in advance of bringing the second RV on to the lot. The request should include the date the additional RV will be on the lot and the expected time of removal. Written approval by a Board member is required prior to bringing the additional RV on the lot. Removing the RV temporarily to extend the 48 hour allowance is not allowed. (091204) (Revised 072306)

RV Covers – A “cover” is defined as any type of material, cloth, vinyl or tarp that could be used to enclose or provide an outer shield to an RV/Motor Home. This includes all RV types currently permitted within Choestoe Falls RV Park. Travel Trailers, Motors Homes, Class A, B+, C and 5th Wheels. Effective as of April 13, 2018, any type of cover is NOT permitted. EXCEPTIONS: Covers used for golf carts or motorcycles.
Utility trailers may be covered only to provide security when transporting to and from the park. They may NOT remain covered within the park.
A temporary exception may be granted in the event an RV is damaged due to natural occurrences such as storms, fire, vandalism and the like. It MUST be temporary, only used to protect the RV during repairs and removed within 30 days of the event. The owner is required to notify the President of the Board of Directors prior to adding any type of covering to the RV. 041318

Page 7

RV Skirting - The Park's Covenants, Section 11, Outside Installations, states that RV skirts are not allowed. This covenant will be implemented verbatim and in its strictest terms, meaning that RV skirts of any type shall not be allowed in the Park. 102207.

Signs in Common Areas – Owners are prohibited from posting signs on any common areas without advance approval from the Board. 071908.

Smoking in Pavilion Areas – Smoking is not allowed in or around the pavilion area. This includes restrooms, laundry room, parking area and any common ground surrounding the pavilion. 100314.

Suggestions to the Board or Committees - Suggestions must be in writing and placed in the Board/Committee mailbox in the pavilion. Suggestions not signed by the lot owner with lot number indicated are not acknowledged. 080203.

Tree Limbs and Trimmings – It is the lot owner’s responsibility to haul off limbs and trimmings from their lot and they need to be removed immediately after being trimmed unless there is some community action/volunteering planned to handle it. 080203.

Water & Sewer Pipes - All lot owners who rent their lots shall instruct their renters as follows:

· The sewer pipe has a square-headed screw cap and is located on the backside of the electrical hookup.

· The water system pipe has a plain round-headed cap and contains an emergency cutoff valve for the water system.

In addition to these instructions, all lot owners who rent their lots shall plainly label their sewer and water pipes to assist renters with the proper hookup. The initial labeling of sewer and water pipes shall be completed by August 31, 2007 and maintained thereafter as long as the lot is used for rental purposes. 080407.


Water Conservation - Effective October, 2014

Sprinklers and other irrigation systems that are left to run independently are banned, whether on a timer or not.  All landscape watering must be done by hand using a hose nozzle with a shutoff valve.

Please keep water conservation at the top of your list. Everyone needs to conserve regardless of a drought. As always, thanks to everyone for helping our park remain the best in the area.

Any lot owner violating the water conservation rules will be given a verbal warning for the first violation. Subsequent violations will result in an immediate fine of $100 for the second violation and additional fines imposed in accordance with Fines for Covenant & Rule Violations. 082507. 051008. 100314.

Page 8

Weed Control - Lot owners are responsible for controlling weeds on their lots. In the event that an owner cannot be onsite to control weeds, they are responsible to contract with a reliable party to ensure that weeds are controlled in their absence. Once a weed problem appears on a lot, the owner will be given a verbal warning, and then sent an email (or letter if no email address is on file).  If no action is taken on the part of the owner with 14 days, the Board shall issue a Fine Invoice due upon receipt. If not paid within 30 days this fine will begin accumulating late charges and interest; however, if the weed problem is corrected within 30 days of the invoice date, the fine will be cancelled and the owners account will be credited. As stated in the covenants 070109“The Board shall have the authority to impose reasonable monetary fines and other sanctions by lien and foreclosure, as provided in Article VII hereof. In addition, the Board shall have the right to suspend votes and the right to use the Common Area (other than for access to one’s lot) for violation of its rules, as well as to process judicially to enjoin and abate violations of such rules as if such rules were use restrictions contained herein covenants on the Properties”.. 100314.


Section II – Owner Adoptions

Annual Homeowners Meeting – The annual homeowners meeting will be held each year on the first Saturday in June at 10:00 AM. 060802.

Construction – Any construction, including patio, deck, fence, shed, gazebo, etc. must have prior approval by the Board of Directors. Plans must be submitted to a Board Member through the mailbox provided in the pavilion and construction should not commence until approval is obtained. 060802. 060703.

Dog Leashing and Clean Up – Owners are responsible for leashing dogs when not on their own lot and must clean up after their dogs on other’s lots and in all common areas. 081801.

Donations to Pavilion or Park Utility Shed – Because of space limitations, donations of recreational equipment, exercise equipment, grills, etc. must be approved and accepted by the Board of Directors. 081801. Any item donated to the park (including tools, firewood, landscape timbers, construction materials, etc.) must have approval by the Board of Directors. 072807. 100314.

Page 9

Exterior Shed Colors – Exterior shed colors must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors. 062400.

Fines for Covenant & Rule Violations – Violations will be addressed by sending a certified Fine Invoice in the amount of $100.00 due and payable upon receipt; however, if the violation is corrected within 30 days of the invoice date, the fine will be cancelled and credit issued to the owners account. Every 30 days that elapse without compliance will result in another $100.00 fine per violation. Should the total reach $300.00 the matter will be referred to a collection attorney for collection and all attorney/collection fees will be added to the total amount owed. Should such fines go unpaid, the Board shall have the authority and responsibility to seek legal relief against the breaching violator in the Magistrate Court of Union County through property liens and foreclosure to pay said debt. 070109.

Fishing from Pavilion – Fishing from the pavilion is not allowed. 060802.

For Sale/Rent Signs – For Sale/Rent Signs are prohibited on individual lots. 062400.

Lake Lot Landings – Square footage of these landings are not included in total square footage allowed for decks. 062400. 102007.

Notification to the Board of Covenant & Rule Violations – Will be in writing, signed including lot number, and placed in the Board/Committee mailbox located in the pavilion. It is not required that the name of the person making the complaint be revealed to the violator. 081801. 100314

Pavilion Firewood – Although the fireplace is for the enjoyment of the membership, firewood in the pavilion is for membership functions. Members wishing to use the fireplace for a private function should provide their own firewood. The fireplace should be cleaned out the following day after the function to prevent hot coals from setting the dumpster on fire. 060802.

Pools & Hot Tubs – No pools or hot tubs will be allowed on individual lots. 081801.

Private Use of Pavilion – Private use of the pavilion must be approved by the Activities Committee or the Board of Directors. A notice indicating the date reserved and for whom will be placed on the bulletin board in the pavilion. 081801.

Restroom & Laundry Room Doors – The restroom and laundry room doors are to remain closed at all times. These rooms are heated and air-conditioned and doors should remain closed to save on utility bills. 060504.

Rules for Renters – Owners renting their lots are responsible for providing a written summary of the “Rules for Renters” or ensuring someone else has provided it. 081801.

Page 10

Satellite Dish Placement – A variance must be requested and approved by the Board of Directors to owners wishing to locate their satellite dishes somewhere other than their RV or shed. 081801.

Screen Rooms Attached to Awnings – Screen rooms attached to RV awnings must be taken down and removed when RV is unoccupied. 081801.

Street and Lot Lights – Wattage for Street and Lot lights are limited to 100 watts. 062400.

Unsecured Personal Property – Owners are responsible for securing or putting away personal property when away from their lot to avoid property damage due to wind and storms. 081801.

Waterfall Property - The waterfall property is private property not owned by Choestoe Falls RV Park. Anyone entering this property does so at his or her own risk. 060504.


Section III – Architectural Guidelines


This section should help owners understand the covenants in regards to improvements on individual lots. The guidelines and binding covenants are not an attempt to stifle creativity but are in place to ensure the park retains the look and feel of an upscale recreational vehicle park located in the mountains of north Georgia. A place that blends with the natural surroundings, does not detract from the local community, and continues to look like a recreational vehicle park over time. The developers had a vision in mind when the park was developed, we as owners validated that vision when we purchased in the park. We have an obligation to the developers, our neighbors, and ourselves to protect that vision. Let us work together to keep the park the best park in the Georgia mountains.

Rules Governing Lot Improvement Projects

  1. Requests for construction and/or lot improvement project shall be submitted for approval prior to beginning project. Typical turnaround time during the summer (when most Board members are in the Park) will be two weeks; process may take longer during the off-season (when few Board members are in the Park).  These same conditions exist when requesting approval to install a 120 lb. bulk propane tank. 070115.


  1. Lot owners shall provide supporting documentation, i.e., drawing showing lot boundaries, driveway, pad, RV position reflecting position of proposed improvement, paint samples, etc.
  2. Request for approval shall be submitted by the lot owner to the Architectural Control Committee (on the Request for Approval of Proposed Lot Improvement Form) prior to submission to the Board of Directors.
  3. Recorded covenants override any errors or omissions on the Request for Approval of Proposed Lot Improvement form.
  4. Improvement project shall be signed off by one member of the Architectural Committee and two members of the Board of Directors.
  5. Lot owners shall not begin project until written approval of project is received from Board of Directors.
  6. A signed off copy of the Request for Approval of Proposed Lot Improvement shall be provided to lot owner as the Board’s authorization to begin project.
  7. Improvement project shall be completed within 60 days of start date.
  8. If project is not started within one year after approval date, the project will be considered obsolete and a new Request for Approval of Proposed Lot Improvement shall be submitted for approval. 072807.

Page 11

Procedure for Processing Proposed Lot Improvement Form

  1. Submit form and supporting documentation to member of the Architectural Control Committee.
  2. Committee will visit lot for consultation with lot owner to ensure project is in compliance with Covenants.
  3. One member of Committee approves or disapproves project and forwards form to Board of Directors.
  4. Board reviews project and two members of the Board approves/disapproves project.
  5. Once all approval signatures are obtained, lot owner will be provided signed off copy of Request for Approval of Proposed Lot Improvement form.
  6. Upon completion of project, a member of the Committee or Board will perform final inspection of project and sign form. 072807.


The maximum allowable size for decks is 14’x 24’ for a total square footage of 336. When measuring the total square footage allowed for decks: lake or creek stone landings/patios are not included, deck steps are not included; however, landings that are a part of the deck structure are included. 102007.

Decks should be constructed of decay/rot resistant lumber such as pressure treated pine, cedar, redwood, or cypress. Support columns may be concrete/masonry or ground contact pressure treated lumber with appropriate footings. Post size is 4” x 4” minimum at cross section. Deck boards should be 5/4’s thick (min) and 6” joists on 2’ maximum center. Fasteners should be rust resistant screws, bolts, or spiral nails. Railings are recommended for elevated decks and handrails on steps with over to risers. Decks are not to be enclosed with roof, sidewalls, or screening. Deck or porch may not be structurally attached to the RV unit. Sidewalks and slabs are not considered in the maximum size of deck. Railings, handrails or steps are permitted but decks cannot be enclosed or attached to an RV unit. Keep in mind the recreational vehicle look of the park, your RV should be able to move without having to make any structural changes to the deck.

Your deck surface cannot exceed 18” from ground level at the closest point to the ground. This is from ground level, not from the level of your pad if you have one poured. If you are unclear about this requirement, you should request clarification from the Architectural Review Committee. You are responsible for ensuring your builder understands this requirement as well.

Setback: Decks cannot be built within 30’ of the top of the bank of the creek or the lake. 102007. 100314.


Driveways & RV Pads

The widening of existing driveways requires Board approval. Driveways shall be at a minimum 10’ wide covered with 3” crushed stone or 4” concrete or asphalt with reinforcing and expansion joints or other masonry material as approved by the architectural committee. Landscaping timbers used to border driveways should be pressure treated for ground contact and properly secured with 3/8” x 12” minimum landscaping spikes or equivalent. Toe nailing with large nails is recommended to reduce warping. If paving existing gravel driveway and the park lot owner is staying in the existing gravel driveway boundaries then no preapproval from the Park Board of Directors is required. However, it is the lot owner’s responsibility to verify that they are not paving over Park water shut off valves. If driveway paving extends over or beyond the existing gravel driveway then the lot owner must have preapproval from the Park Board of Directors. 092609


Split Rail fencing is the only allowable type of fencing. Use of chain link or other fencing materials for pet containment is strictly forbidden. Invisible fencing for pets is allowed but remember that sign you may have seen, “Lost Dog – last seen wearing an invisible fence collar”.

The maximum height for split rail fences is 48 inches. They may be constructed of cedar, cypress, pressure treated pine or locust wood and may have either two or three rails. They can only be fastened with pegs, nails and screws are not allowed. Fences are to remain a natural color, no painting allowed; however; you may use a natural color wood preservative. 100314

Based on the judgment of the Architectural Control Committee, owners may be required to leave one section of fence open if required to facilitate lawn maintenance. If you have any questions, you should consult with a member of the Architectural Committee. 060107.


 Page 13

Sheds, Gazebos, Picnic Shelters or Screened Rooms

Owners are allowed to have only one of the above on their lot. These structures should blend with nature and surrounding areas. The maximum allowable size for the structures is 10’ x 12’ with a maximum of 12 feet above ground level with wood framing of 2” x 4” on 2’ centers maximum for sidewall and roof and 2” x 6” treated lumber for floor joists. Gazebo, picnic shelters or screen rooms will have pressure treated 4” x 4” corner columns minimum and pressure treated sidewalls. Siding shall be ½” wood minimum, either horizontal lap, vertical board-and-batten, grooved exterior plywood or cedar shakes. No vinyl, metal, or other man made materials allowed. No particle or chipboard may be exposed as siding. Roof will be finished with #1 or #2 grade machine sawn cedar shingles or hand made split shakes. Porches are to be included in the maximum size, a 24” overhang is allowed. Building must be completed within 60 days of commencement of construction. The floor of such outdoor buildings should be concrete slab 4” minimum or pressure treated wood floor joists. Windows, doors, and hardware may be of any conventional material, such as wood, aluminum, brass, vinyl, or painted steel.  Screen should be nylon or aluminum. Screen rooms cannot be attached to the RV. The location of the building should be planned to avoid blocking access to utility cutoffs, clean outs, etc. In addition, the roof cannot extend over adjoining lots and the roof must be constructed of shake shingle or covered with dark green vinyl (20-year minimum) or dark green metal roofing material. You are required to underpin the shed with lattice, pressure treated wood, rock or stone if the distance between the bottom of the shed and the ground is 3” or more; if less than 3”, underpinning is not required. Sheds, gazebos, picnic shelters, and screened rooms must be a minimum of 30’ from the roadway, 20’ from the lakeshore and 50’ from the creek bank. 091406. 100706.

The buildings should be painted or stained in order to properly protecting the building from unsightly staining or deterioration of materials. Board of Directors must approve colors of sheds in advance of painting or staining. The Board highly recommends earth tone colors for sheds and has the authority to deny approval for colors not considered earth tone. Conversely, the Board has the right to approve other colors. In doing so, the Board takes into consideration colors that may blend with an owner’s RV, neighbor’s concerns, and colors of nearby sheds and RV’s. However, you may be required to re-paint your shed if changes take place on items taken into consideration on the original approval. Therefore, we strongly recommend you choose an earth tone color at the onset of the approval process.

Page 14 

Improvements Not in Compliance With Covenants

The Board has the right to assess monthly fines until improvements comply with the covenants.


A variance is required for anything that is in direct conflict with the covenants such as minimum setback requirements, etc. A variance request shall be submitted in writing by the lot owner to the Board of Directors. The variance request shall be evaluated by the Board of Directors and if approved shall be signed off by a majority of the Board of Directors. Granting a variance is decided on a case by case review. Granting a variance in no way sets a precedent for approval on any lot other than the particular lot granted the variance. 072807.


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